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Authors : Omprabha Arjun Lohakare

Page Nos : 39-42

Description :
The purpose of this research paper is to look into how power manifests itself in Ghashiram Kotwal. The play depicts the struggle between power and violence. The main theme of Ghashiram Kotwal is power and crime. Tendulkar is a harsh critic of those who abuse control to achieve their own selfish goals. Nana Phadnavis is Peshwai’s strong minister in Poona. He appoints Ghashiram as the city’s Kotwal. Ghashiram was named not because of his abilities, but rather because he offers Nana his young and lovely daughter Gauri. Nana tells him that he must remain silent about his pregnant daughter’s death. Finally, Nana issues a death warrant for Ghashiram. Vijay Tendulkar reveals the brutality, treachery, sensuality, and immortality that lurks beneath the surface of modern politics. Ghashiram Kotwal shows how power politics is characterized by hypocrisy, greed, and violence. Ghashiram Kotwal is a symbol of poor people who are exploited by politicians. Nana Phadnavis represents those in politics who use the poor as puppets and discard them after they have served their purpose.

Date of Online: 30 May 2023