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Authors : Dilip Dadaji Virutkar

Page Nos : 14-17

Description :
Now a day technology brings drastic change in educational institute. In latest past due to corona pandemic situation all offices were shut down. Educationalist and students faces many difficulties in transferring the knowledge. There was only the way to transfer the knowledge through the help of internet. Libraries are knowledge providers to students and research scholars. Readers should get their required resources at the time of their need. The physical library has some limitation of time of opening and closing. The readers can get their books or required readable resources on their mobile through the mobile App. On single click at desktop or mobile readers can get their needed information. Internet and mobile apps helping to the readers, students and academicians for getting needed information easily and at anytime and anywhere. The current research paper tries to focus on the significance and advantages of mobile app, internet library for readers.

Date of Online: 30 May 2023