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Authors : Sandhya Madan Mohan

Page Nos : 08-19

Description :
Socio-economic status plays a major role in the life dwelling activities which are followed by the people around the globe. SE status has emerged like a boon in disguise that has gradually and drastically changed from past many years. However, the work-life pattern adopted by people today is damaging the equilibrium of a healthier and longer life reducing the average life expectancy of a human being. Therefore, the efforts have been made in this research paper to deal with the present scenario of the socio-economic status that has greater impact on the health and work-life pattern of the people. It also suggests the precautionary measures and programs that could be adopted in order to reset the balance-bar of life of a human being. Keywords: Socioeconomic status, health, work-life

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2018