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Authors : Sunita. G. Rao

Page Nos : 32-39

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In the modern world of 21st century "stress" is termed as "disease of century" as it is believed to cause more ailments than anything known to modern medicine."Stress" in occupation is a condition or a feeling experienced when an employee perceives that "demands placed on him exceed the personal and social resources he is able to mobilize". He has a feeling of losing control over events, which are stressful. In this article we have tried to explain what actually stress is, what is its relationship with performance and various steps which an individual or an organization needs to keep in mind in order to keep the stress at bay. Although this article is derived from an study constituting different verticals, a much more deeper multi disciplinary research is requirement of the fast changing work place environment. Keywords: Stress Management, Stressor, Distress

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2018