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Authors : Manjusha Bhakay

Page Nos : 69-79

Description :
Malnutrition refers to the situation where there is an unbalanced diet in which some nutrients are in excess, lacking or wrong proportion. The 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report ranked India 97th out of 118 countries with a serious hunger situation. Deficiencies in nutrition inflict long-term damage to both individuals and society. About 107 kms from Maharashtra’s capital city Mumbai lies the Palghar district, where over 600 children so far this year have died due to malnutrition. The aim was to impart nutrition education in an innovative way to the tribal ladies of Kosbad, a taluka in Palghar district. Three strategies were planned after studying the food availability, resources available. All the activities were planned in Marathi which was the local language. Low cost recipe demonstration, poems regarding importance of safe water, hygiene and sanitation, weaning foods and nutritional games were developed. Nutrition education is an evidence-based, cost effective way to improve health outcomes and foster healthy eating habits for a lifetime. All the activities planned under the nutrition education program extended beyond the classroom and involved multiple channels of communications. The program received overwhelming response and the feedback received was also encouraging. Key words: Health, Malnutrition, Nutrition Education

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2018