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Authors : Madhu S. Panse

Page Nos : 06-13

Description :
Feminism is concerned with women's inferior status in society and with the prejudice women face as a result of their sex. All feminists advocate for reforms to the social, political, economic, or cultural order in order to mitigate and ultimately eliminate women's discrimination. Women's nature cannot be replaced. It is something that should be preserved and even cherished for the sake of both women and society. Women's achievements should be lauded. Throughout history, women have been subjected to physical, psychological, and economic abuse. They have not only contributed to the perpetuation of this system of male domination, but also deceived their children into it. However, they have rebelled and are emerging victorious and unstoppable. As we all know, each research project has a specific issue that motivates the researcher to do the study. Additionally, the current research study has a pertinent subject as a research challenge

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2021