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Authors : Mangala D. Bansod

Page Nos : 50-60

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Crop diversification gives a winder choice for production of variety of crops in any region in order increases production related activities. It is just opposite of crops specialization. Crop diversification is generally viewed as a shift from traditionally grown less remunerative crops to more remunerative crops. The Crop diversification takes place due to governmental policies and crop selection and attitude of farmares, Market, Intrastructural development and certain other prise related support also induce Crop diversification higher profitability and production. The stability induces Crop diversification in case of example. Jawar replacing cotton and Soyabean and rice, Crop diversification grown on large number of crops which are practiced in rainfed land to reduced the risk factor of crops failure either of heavy rainfall or less rain “Raising a variety of crops on arable land is known as Crop diversification.” It is the reflection of physical types of soil, soil fertility soil productivity ph value socio-economical and techenological organization inputs. Crops diversification indicates multiplication of agricultural crops which involve intense competation for regions scope for crop rotation and effect of double cropping greater competation, higher mignitude of diversification. While lesser the magnitude of diversification greater the trends towords the specialization where inphasis on one or two crops in most of the extensive agricultural part in world agricultural diversification. It is a common feature due to irrigation, use of fertilizes and pesticides, high yielding varieties, mechanization and techenology. Besides climate farmer‟s attitudes and local surrounding are forced farmers for crop diversification. The diversification was studied for ten years (2005 to 2015) In order to find out crop diversification. The diversification Index ranged Chandrapur Districts (in 2005 – 2010) (37.444) While the year 2010 to 2015 (25.77) of crop diversification of agricultural varieties from one version to another resions which responsible factors are more or less veriaties in resources endowment, Infrastructure level and market accessibility crop diversification of food grain crops. Keywords: Crop diversification, Index of Crop diversification, Variation in resources endowment, attitude of farmars

Date of Online: 30 Jan 2018