Issue Description

Authors : Madhu S. Panse, Hassan Md Jillun Noor, Prajakta Vijaykumar Patil, Ganesh Jayatpal

Page Nos : 29-36

Description :
Inequality between men and women, which is founded on feminist principles, is one of the most divisive and pervasive societal issues in the modern day. Given literature's capacity to depict human life and ambitions, this research will explore and analyze how feminism and gender inequality are portrayed in different literary works, with a focus on women's problems. Because feminism and gender inequality are so prevalent in cross-cultural literature, it is critical to do a comparative literature research that is centre on feminist ideas. This study examined four distinct genres of literature: theatre, prose (short storey), film, and poetry. For this study, it was chosen to use feminist theory as a sociological technique in conjunction with comparative critique and content analysis. This study examined how feminism's ideas gained popularity and support throughout the course of the twentieth century.

Date of Online: 30 Sep 2021